24Hrs Alarm Monitoring

We ensure the safety of your premises and valuable assets with alarm monitoring and fast armed response.

24Hrs Guarding Services

Management agents and body corporates all understand they need to provide security to the estates on behalf of the tenants.

24Hrs Tactical Response

Our PSIRA qualified Tactical Support Unit responds to critical situations with co-ordination & precision.

We offer the following services:

  • Off site video live monitoring (Readmore)
  • 24hrs Residential Complex security (Retail & Malls, Office parks Security Man and Corporate Parks, Schools, Universities, etc..)
  • ALARM: Repairs-upgrading (Alarm Installations, Repairs and Upgrade)
  • CCTV Installations
  • INVESTIGATIONS: Voice-analyze testing / Polygraphs
  • VIP Protection
  • FREE Mimic system [Panic system]
  • With every guarding site we take over [Terms and conditions apply]


  • Access monitoring / access control guards
  • Placing access control security guards at manned booms within residential areas discourages unnecessary thoroughfare, and allows the security guards to keep track of all people and vehicles entering and leaving the area. Our access control guards are well trained, presentable and well spoken.
  • Perimeter patrol guarding / foot patrols
  • Perimeter patrol guarding units perform regular perimeter inspections to ensure there are no breeches in perimeter security and to deter loiterers from lingering unnecessarily.


Guarding Residential

Ria Sebetsa Security Services uses team guarding as a method of our commercial guarding operations. This method uses specialists who undertake specific protection or guarding tasks. This enables us to save our customers a lot of money on labour and equipment by correctly structuring the guarding operation. Because people specialize in specific tasks, there is accountability and no time and equipment wastage. This covers all areas that require protection and it improves the standard of our protection services dramatically. Our residential guarding services are mainly utilized by housing complexes / housing estates as well as boomed off residential areas.

With crime levels as high as they are in South Africa, many feel the need to improve their personal security privately (beyond the traditional methods). This can either be on an ongoing basis or as a once-off requirement. For example:

  • Owners of homes in a particular street may pool their resources to request the services of residential street security patrols either at night or during the day or both.
  • If you are hosting an event, you may require residential street security patrols for the evening to ensure the safety of cars and guests.

As a Security Service Provider we will always have your best interest at heart, providing and maintaining efficient service delivery with your support.