Live Video Off Site Monitoring

What is video analytics?
Video Analytic are an advanced set of predetermined computer algorithms for realtime analysis of video. This allows for accurate data mining allowing for the camera system to be pro-active in the alerting of threats/perpetrators in realtime to a designated control room allowing for immediate and decisive action to take place.

Video analytics can also be used in retail using heat maps to see traffic flow/duration at any point in the shop. This can be useful in advertising and identification of popular items.

How will video Analytics benefit me?
By eliminating the reliance of the “human factor” which is a costly resource with limited alertness and attention. Video analytics can greatly assist in the filtering hundreds of cameras to only relevant rules based footage and allowing the operator to then concentrate on acting on the transgressed rule instead of looking for the rule being broken

What are the best cameras and practices for Video Analytics?
Camera placement/type and the rule application are critical in bringing down the number of false alarms.

Example: Thermal cameras are generally used in on a perimeter due to the camera working on a completely different light spectrum(heat/IR/thermal) to normal cameras and the human eye. This allows for the camera to work regardless of weather lighting conditions. The disadvantage of thermal is being unable to identify a person.

Camera selection is key in making sure that the system will be fit for purpose. CCTV Security Surveillance would assist in making sure that camera selection, camera type and rule application are properly implemented to give a robust and dependable solution.